Hatun Istanbul, tracing the wisdom and perfection of the ancient times, has set out to introduce Istanbul with its large variety customs, traditions, and unique features.

Arzu Niziplioğlu, the creator of the brand, has grown up in a family where cultural customs and traditions are treasured. Niziplioğlu, mentioning that we are inhabiting a hospitable community, says “We want to restore the values that are unique to our tradition of treats and make them parts of our daily lives”. Blending the knowledge and experience heritage of her family with the spirit of the modern-day, Niziplioğlu states out that Hatun Istanbul is presenting both well-known and brand new fragrances and flavours with elegance and grace.

Most of the traditions and practices were replaced with the new ones in the course of time. Despite all these changes, some of them never lose their merit. Hatun İstanbul is bringing those good old fashioned traditions back to life. Niziplioğlu, claiming that our tradition of treats has been unappreciated over time, says “Our goal is to revive this unique culture at its best and share it with our guests with a well-deserved presentation”.

Hatun Istanbul, introducing eu de colognes, soaps, diffusers and scented candles blended with six different fragrance series belonging to different periods and places of Istanbul, is also recognised with its delicate Turkish coffee and Turkish delights. Niziplioğlu, explaining an elaborate research process to bring exclusive recipes that passed over generations with our culture, states out “For a long period of time, we went through a detailed research about Turkish coffee, Turkish delights and eu de colognes that witnessed our most memorable moments, such as how they are produced and served with special presentations”. Hatun Istanbul, selecting the best ingredients with all the expertise, is bringing you the most exclusive products with stylish designs.

Hatun Istanbul, reviving traditional flavors and fragrances indigenous to Ottoman and Turkish culture, is offering recipes that are good for your body and soul, whispering the secrets of the past, and bringing the precious reminiscences back to life. “We cherish and value our culture. Our goal is to introduce Turkish culture to the whole world” says Niziplioğlu, forming a bridge from past to future and narrating our values to future generations.


                        Inspired by the magnificence of the past, Hatun Istanbul puts forward all its skills to revive the exceptional fragrances, flavors and treats indigenous to  Istanbul...