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Hatun Istanbul


A Precious Offering

Our Turkish Delight

Considered as one of the oldest dessert recipes around the world, Turkish delight has always been appreciated for its unique taste, smell and texture. Enjoyed by sultans and their court, it became a precious treat for feasts and was offered as a special gift wrapped in a silk scarf. Turkish delight of Hatun İstanbul is inspired by the excellent flavour and purity created in the Ottoman palaces and the finest quality of delight is being offered for your taste.

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Voyage into the past

Our Fragrances

Extraordinary fragrance series, formulized by Hatun Istanbul, are bringing thousand years of memory of Istanbul back to life. In Hatun Istanbul, we have created six exclusive fragrance series, named as Ayasofya, Dolmabahçe, Galata, Topkapı, Haydarpaşa, and Kız Kulesi, each capturing a different era, culture, and ambiance in Istanbul. Amber, vanilla, green apple, clove, sandalwood, mesua ferrea, musk, patchouli, and cattleya orchid are some of the charming essences delicately blended together by Hatun Istanbul to heal your body, mind, and soul. These unique fragrances, inspiring your daily life as eu de colognes, liquid soaps, diffusers or scented candles, are inviting you to a fascinating journey through the skies of Istanbul...

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